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Could You Be Using The Athena To Maximise Efficiency On Your Projects?

We spoke to Ron, Marcus and Ryan about how the Athena helped them with their projects. See what they had to say….

What sort of job/task did you use the Athena lift for?

1. To install cladding/facades in a medium density residential area
2. To install fire systems into a carpark above the ramp
3. To install ducts above the carpark ramp

The Athena is quite new to the construction industry, what did you use before now?

1. It was difficult. I used to have to use boom lifts. Which proved to be very awkward
and inconvenient, trying to reach heights from level ground and wow, it’s too hard
to explain!
2. I used to hire a rough terrain scissor and chock it up with blocks of wood so that it
didn’t beep.
3. We used to have to make our own platform for a normal scissor from whatever we
could. Otherwise, we would use a duct lift or a ladder.

Was the Athena more time and cost efficient?

1. Yes! It got around a lot easier than the other boom I had hired for the same job.
And it is a lot more operator friendly, they are easy to use.
2. Yes! It is a lot quicker, and we can now get the job done in a single day, saving
costs as we pay for a day hire only. They are awesome, I love using them. They
let you get into those annoying areas that you can’t get with the standard scissors
and are a lot easier to use and move around in than scissors!
3. Yes! They are way easier to use than trying to use a normal scissor.


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