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Zero Emission Hire Equipment

The concept of passive and zero carbon buildings have been around for many decades. Apart from lower energy bills a typical zero carbon building could reduce carbon emissions produced by the building by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by five to eight and a half tonnes per year. But did you know that there are zero emission hire equipment available for your building processes?

What constitutes a zero net carbon building?

Some features that can encompass a zero net carbon building are more normalised in society than you may think. High-quality insulation significantly reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside and may have a higher R-value to meet higher NatHERS star requirements. Draught proofing helps keep the building air-tight reducing the need for added heating. Double glazed windows reduce heat loss by up to 70%, assisting in insulation and noise pollution reduction. Energy efficient fixed appliances minimise costs and remove the requirement (such as heating and cooling systems, water-heating appliances, induction cook-tops and solar hot water pumps etc). Physical orientation of a building could provide free natural heating. Solar power is an obvious choice when considering sustainability. LED lighting is an ideal solution for zero net carbon buildings.

Why stop at just the end product when you can provide a wholistic offer to your customers to ensure lower emissions through your building processes.

Zero emission hire equipment

To make a wholistic energy efficient solution, Duralift has a range of zero emission hire equipment that could provide a carbon neutral building, installation or maintenance solutions to offer your clients.

Electric scissor lifts and electric boom lifts

Standard electric scissor lifts and electric boom lifts have zero fuel emissions and minimal noise pollution. These machines are an ideal zero fuel emission option as they will not emit any carbon when in use at your job site. They are also perfect for schools, universities or religious institutions that may need quiet operation.

Bi-energy scissor lifts

Bi-energy scissor lifts could also offer more versatility at a job site. These machines are ideal where electricity is unavailable and could provide low noise and emissions. They act as a hybrid between electric and rough terrains and offer the best of both worlds including outriggers for stability on uneven ground, rough terrain non-marketing tyres as well as a 680kg lift capacity.

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