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What is a Manlift? Your quick 2 minute guide to identify the lingo!

Manlift - Types and Differences

A manlift generally refers to a vertical lift that can elevate a person to work at height. They are also referred to as a ‘single-man lift’. Manlifts are light weight and ideal for sensitive floors, with the capacity to lift one person to work at height.

Usually electric powered, they can easily be charged via a standard AC power point.

Manlifts are generally very compact in size and are ideal for tight, small indoor spaces or flat level ground.

Manlifts can differ in capabilities and uses

Mast Lift

Mast Lifts operate on a single mast and can be easily distinguished by it’s elevating mast. Most Manlifts are mast-type lifts.

Mini Scissor Lift

A Mini Scissor Lift is very similar to a standard scissor lift and can usually only lift a single person. Capabilities may vary from machine to machine, however, they may lack the full functionality of a standard electric scissor lift. This is usually reflected in more simplified controls and manual push around action.

Star 10

Machines such as the Star 10 are essentially a mast lift in vertical operation. A key feature of this machine is a small jib that can extend out for further horizontal reach. This type of operation is very similar to a boom lift but the Star 10 is a much smaller and compact machine.

Push Around Lift

A Push Around Lift is not self-propelling and requires manually pushing it into place. These units are usually very light weight and compact, making them perfect for tight spaces, navigating through doorways and sensitive floors.

Two-man lift

A two-man lift is another commonly used term for a standard self-propelling electric scissor lift that lifts two people on the platform. These are classified as Scissor Lifts and not Manlifts.

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