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Why we loved exhibiting, and why you should try it.


Wanting to know how to build strong relationships, without having to have those awkward first visits to the office?


We have just completed our first expo, and we noticed whilst doing our prior research that there are a lot of articles out there from companies encouraging you to buy their promotional material or stand systems etc but not a lot from the front line, from the companies who have been there and done that and are willing to report on it. So here we are…

Did you hear about the Total Facilities Expo we exhibited at?

We recently exhibited at the big and beautiful Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, which gave us one of the greatest opportunities to get to know not only our customers but potential clients as well.

Those attending the Total Facilities Expo all had one goal; to learn how to build smart. Today, the construction industry is getting smarter with technology, and if we as suppliers or contractors in the industry don’t keep up, WE ARE GOING TO LAG BEHIND.

Have you ever exhibited? Is it on your marketing plan for this year? Because it certainly should be.

At expos, there are so many people under the same roof, all striving to learn from each other which is one of the greatest experiences to be a part of. Each and every person is in the same mind frame, and away from the usual drag of sitting behind a computer in the office. It gives both visitors and exhibitors alike to network and build relationships with one another that cannot be achieved from over the phone or email.

Try it out, just make sure you plan ahead WAY earlier than you thought necessary for the best outcome!

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