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The secrets to business! Inspiration from the National Achievers Congress – Duralift

~ written by Sharnie Chippindall

Attending the National Achievers Congress in August this year was a great opportunity as a family business for Garth and I to hear about the secrets to business optimisation, build a brand, and monetise our passions.

For the entrepreneur, the individual and the company, the National Achievers Congress was something I would call an amazing opportunity. With two of the world’s most in-demand entrepreneurial experts, Gary Vaynerchuck and Grant Cardone, it was a chance for any business to…

learn to achieve worldwide success with leading strategies from these global powerhouse entrepreneurs!


Garth and Sharnie at the National Achievers Congress
Garth and Sharnie at the National Achievers Congress


The Congress included speakers such as Grant and Elena Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck and Kerwin Rae. Each of these speakers had a story, the same way each one of us has a story. As Kerwin Rae put it in his fast but invigorating speech, ‘Each one of us has a story. How are we going to use our stories? As an excuse for success? Or as an excuse for failure?’. He encouraged us to focus on our own story and to make something out of it. Grant Cardone began life with a difficult past who propelled himself to global success. He inspired us to ‘Stand up! Go and get what you want, or someone else will go get it!’.

The day was filled with so much content that applied to business, culture and personal growth, that we felt compelled to share some inspirational quotes from their speeches which we hope will inspire others to action in all areas of business and personal growth.



“Success comes through risk, innovation and hard work.” – Adam Hudson

“How arrogant are you, if you cannot stand up?! And celebrate when people do well. Celebrate! Celebrate success every time you see it. Success breathes success.” – Grant Cardone

“Hang around people that have a better work ethic, better moral code, people with more success.” – Grant Cardone

“You want to have equity in your brand.” – Grant Cardone

“Be around people who want to help make your ideas a reality.” – Grant Cardone



“A team is far more fun, if you have the right team. They all need to be working for and towards the same thing.” – Grant Cardone

“You cannot build an empire of one. You may begin there, but you cannot end there. The whole team has to be on the same page, with what you represent and the purpose of your company.” – Elena Cardone


Social Media:

“Conversation is the new lead.” – Kerwin Rae

“Everyone is on social. Everyone. Learn how to use it.” – Kerwin Rae

“There is a reason it is called social media. You post. They talk. You talk back.” – Gary Vaynerchuck

“Understand the mix of humans and technology.” – Gary Vaynerchuck


Personal Growth:

“Don’t take advice from people that quit. Whether that be spiritual, business or relationship or any advice. Don’t take it from those who have quit. They haven’t got advice.” – Grant Cardone

“Work will never ever burn you out.” – Grant Cardone

“EXECUTE! You can’t read about doing push ups, you have to do them.” – Gary Vaynerchuck

“When you find what is inside of you that is working towards something so much bigger than you, it becomes easier to cope.” – Elena Cardone


We hope this blog has inspired you to reframe your view of your business and accomplish your ambitions.

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