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Even though we are biased, and feel that access equipment such as scissor lifts and boom lifts are usually the safest and most productive method of working at height, we will admit that sometimes a ladder may be appropriate.


Sure ladders have their place; With early applications dating as far back as the Mesolithic Era, the ladder has had uses in home repair, file retrieval, and many other quick fixes for reaching something at heights. That being said, however, ladders can’t be used for everything.

The tallest ladders that people have in their houses usually reach 15-20 feet. Taller ladders normally belong to construction companies. Many people try to jury-rig an extension for their ladders, which leads to extremely unsafe working conditions.

Before you never use a ladder again we can assure you that ladders do comply with OHS requirements and for some jobs can be the most appropriate form of getting the job done at heights, however, ladders can only carry a certain weight which does limit the supplies that can be carried whilst working at heights.

Access Equipment:

For anything a ladder can’t reach, or is too awkward to work from you should go with a scissor lift or even a boom lift. You don’t have to worry about falling off your ladder, which creates a much safer and more productive work site. Scissor lifts can reach higher places, and boom lifts allow the operator to work at an angle or above a ground obstruction.

Employers can improve safety and employee welfare by hiring safe and reliable access equipment. Access equipment also reduces downtime as the scissor lift, boom lift or whatever equipment it might be can be easily moved whilst elevated to keep working at height with your tools. Companies who start using access platforms more often usually see a lower injury and accident rate. By ensuring your company is operating with best practices and a positive culture relating to OHS the risk of reputational or financial damage is lowered, and employee relations improve.

For years, Duralift has been on the cutting edge of making construction equipment rental extremely easy. With just one phone call, you can order a scissor lift, boom lift or forklift, of any size, to any place, at any time. Trust us, we’re huge fans of ladders here at Duralift (we even hire them out as well!), but they just can’t do it all.

So, if you’re not sure whether or not your ladder can handle a job, then call us and one of our friendly staff will assist you in your decision.

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