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Scissor Lift Weight Capacity – How much weight can a Scissor Lift lift?

Whether it is carrying extra tools and equipment to work at height, two people needed in the basket to get the job done or if you’re just worried you’ve just put on a few extra kilos during ISO, knowing the weight limits on your access machine is something that will come in handy from time to time.

Scissor Lift Weight Capacity – Your Guide to Lift Capacity in the Basket

Weight on different types of Access Machines?

Firstly, it is important to know that although Boom Lifts are much bigger in size, machine weight and can reach much higher, their lift capacity is relatively the same across all machines at 230kg.

Vertical Lifts are specifically designed for indoor applications and are usually light weight with much lower weight capacities.

On the other hand, Scissor Lifts are your best option to carrying heavier loads when working at height.


So how much weight can a Scissor Lift lift?

The lift capacity of a scissor lift varies per machine type with some minor variations per brand.

Out of all the Electric scissor lifts, lifting capacity ranges from 227kg for a 19ft scissor lift up to 450kg for a 26ft. However, it is important to note that the 26ft Bi-Energy Scissor Lift can be used in all the same environments as an Electric Scissor Lift and due to it’s outriggers can lift up to 680kg.

From the range of Diesel scissor lifts, the Athena branded scissor lifts, due to their unique ability work on inclines can only carry limited loads. The more robust sized bigger machines such as the 43ft and 53 ft Rough Terrain scissor lifts can easily lift 680kg.


Check out the comparison below.

Lift capacity may vary per brand and model. Below is a guide only.


Electric Scissor Lift Weight Limits

19ft Electric Scissor Lift:     227kg (extension deck – 113kg)

26ft Narrow Electric Scissor lift:     230kg (extension deck – 113kg)

10ft Push Around Lift:     240kg

32ft Electric Scissor Lift:     320kg (extension deck – 113kg to 150kg)

40ft Narrow Electric Scissor Lift:     350kg (extension deck – 150kg)

26ft Electric Scissor Lift:     450kg (extension deck – 113kg to 150kg)

26ft Wide Bi-Energy Scissor Lift:     680kg


Diesel Scissor Lift Weight Limits

8m Bi-levelling Athena Scissor Lift:     250kg

10m Bi-levelling Athena Scissor lift:     300kg

40ft Diesel Scissor Lift:     363kg (extension deck – 136kg)

32ft Diesel Scissor Lift:     450kg (extension deck – 136kg to 150kg)

26ft Diesel Scissor Lift:     567kg

43ft Diesel Scissor Lift:     680kg (extension deck – 227kg)

53ft Diesel Scissor Lift:     680kg (extension deck – 227kg)


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