Scaffolding vs Scissor lifts

The battle of: Scaffolding vs. Scissor Lifts

Many jobs that require working at-height , especially in construction, still rely on traditional scaffolding. For many of these jobs, a scissor lift or two or three would be cheaper and safer. Here’s why:


Scissor lifts can be used pretty much anywhere that scaffolding can, especially now with the new scissor lift on tracks! Duralift’s choice of scissor lift hire includes electric engines with zero onsite emissions, diesel scissor lifts with all-terrain wheels and 4×4 control and self-levelling abilities to help provide stability on slopes, as well as bi-levelling scissor lifts on tracks with a multi-level function and narrow footprint. It’s not called access equipment for nothing; scissor lifts and Duralift’s fleet of other elevating work platforms can give you access to sites scaffolding simply can’t get to.


Scaffolding and ladders are dangerous; to operate on them safely requires extra staff to supervise, along with regular safety checks. They can also be difficult to use in adverse weather conditions, as the materials they are made from have little grip. Scissor lifts offer a stable base, outriggers can be planted for extra safety, and high sides, so falls from this type of elevated work platform are very rare. You want to make sure you get home to your family safely each night!


Imagine a building that needs all its facades worked on. Constantly dismantling and re-erecting scaffolding, or using one large scaffold, uses up a lot of staff time that could be more efficiently spent on the task at hand. Scissor lifts give you the opportunity to reclaim that wasted time and plan your work schedule more effectively. Once one area is finished, your team can move straight onto the next.


Some sites pose more challenges than others. Outdoors, on public highways or pedestrian access routes, using a scissor lift rather than a scaffold can make it easier for people to navigate past your work area and reduce the danger of items falling. Many smaller scissor lifts take up far less space than a typical scaffolding structure, and they are only used when the work is being done, rather than blocking the road for an extended period.


If there is a holiday, extreme weather or even a weekend in your work schedule, the cost of leaving hired scaffolding in place, or dismantling and re-erecting it, means the costs escalate even when no work is being done. Using hired access equipment means that the running costs stop as soon as your workers do.

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