Safety warning: Worker falls fatally in Geelong

A worker has fallen fatally while removing a down-pipe from a house at Hamlyn Heights in Geelong on Thursday.

The 42-year-old man was working from a ladder when the incident happened. He died at the scene. This incident is the sixth recorded fatality in Victoria since 4 November. The incident prompted Work Safe to remind workers to work safely in order to avoid injuries or deaths.


Marnie Williams, Executive Director of Health and Safety said the last two months of the year have always been the most dangerous based on statistics. It is the second workplace death in the region in a fortnight, after a 76-year-old farm worker was electrocuted on an Anakie farm and it follows two fatalities within hours of each other last week in Melbourne. She said she didn’t want to see others go through the devastating loss and pain these six families were now dealing with.

“We are calling on employers and workers to be extra vigilant in the lead-up to Christmas,” she said.

“Our figure shows that since 2005, almost 25 percent of all workplace fatalities have occurred in the final two months of the year,” said Ms Williams. “So we are asking everyone to take the time every day to plan their work safely.”

“Many businesses are rushing to finish projects so deadline pressures might be a factor (in the statistics). We also know many fatalities involve experienced workers doing routine jobs, particularly on farms, so maybe their minds aren’t fully on the task at hand.”

Ms Williams said every workplace fatality is preventable.

“If employers have the correct systems in place to protect their workers, if people stop to plan each with safety in mind, and if everyone works together to identify and reduce risks, we can make November and December a time of joy as everyone heads towards a well-deserved Christmas break – not a time of heartbreak.”

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