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With the massive range of boom lifts on offer at Duralift, there’s a suitable model for almost any use. The key to selecting the right boom lift is taking into account all of your needs, as well as your specific site arrangements.

Any selection process must consider the following variables to come up with a machine that enables the work to be done as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Location, Location, Location

Load limits may be a restriction based on what’s underneath the access equipment as well as the equipment specs, so it’s vital that the machinery comes safely within restrictions, even once loaded with operators and materials.

The second key location consideration is overhead restrictions, especially cable locations, not only on the worksite but in any areas the machine may need to pass through.

Thirdly, bear in mind whether there are places where swing may be an issue, as this will restrict the use of larger boom lifts. Diesel knuckle booms or electric knuckle booms may be more suitable for obstructed sites rather than straight booms, as knuckle booms enable the platform to navigate up and over obstacles.

Working Surface

Whether a site is indoors or outdoors will affect the tyre used and the engine type. Pneumatic tyres are popular for outdoor locations, but specialist non-marking tyres can be used for indoor surfaces that benefit from protection. Noise may be a consideration, especially for outdoor work, in which case electric boom lifts may be a better choice than a diesel boom lift.

The ground conditions any diesel boom lifts or electric boom lifts are operated on are crucial to choosing the right machine. Increased gradability helps to tackle sloping sites, while high ground clearance will be useful if your boom lift has to negotiate debris. Ground that is soft and muddy, or indeed any outdoor site that may experience heavy rain, will require an elevated working platform with four-wheel drive or a crawler undercarriage.

Reach, Height, Size and Capacity

The distance from the platform base site and the work area determines the height and reach needed for the machine. This is often the starting point for choosing your machine and as such Duralift lists its boom lifts and knuckle booms by height and engine type.

What do you need to work on your boom lift? Do you need your platform to support the weight of several workers or just one? Are you loading it with heavy materials or tools? All Duralift’s boom lifts and knuckle booms have a total weight limit specified, but customers may also want to get a feel for the size of the platform, particularly if workers will be moving about a great deal or carrying out difficult operations.

Once you have your boom lift on site, regularly review the load and working space to ensure it still suits the job.

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