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Reaching Higher Expectations – What does it mean and why should I care?

High expectations is something most of us would associate with school. The discipline of achieving scores and completing a curriculum (the expectations) often set by our school, parents, or for some, themselves. But at Duralift the expectations didn’t stop at school.

Raise Your Expectations

Duralift lives by the motto ‘Reaching Higher Expectations’ every minute of everyday, we have set the bar above industry standards and are striving to go beyond that at every possible opportunity. So what does that mean to you?

Well, everyone has different expectations, and while some may consider some things “the norm”, such as not having to pay damage waiver, others may consider that a total cost saving, thus helping to reach expectations of budgets within the company.

Duralift also delivers one of the newest fleets in Melbourne, with over 90% of the fleet being under 5 years old meaning less downtime.

Duralift covers you with a guarantee that In the unlikely event that a fault occurs on site, we guarantee to have it fixed within the same day, or replace the machine within the same day.

So would you like to know who the team are behind delivering higher expectations?

Now you know what we can do, who we are and what we look like, give us a call to talk to us!

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