Vertical Lifts

Hire a Vertical Platform Lift

If you’re after a dedicated solution to suit your specific application look no further than Duralift. Vertical lifts, also known as man lifts, are perfect for vertical elevation in confined spaces and for this reason are safer alternatives to all size ladders. A vertical man lift is perfect for carrying heavy loads to significant heights or reaching overhead whilst still allowing mobility in tight spaces. Its portable yet compact design allows for ease of transportation without compromising on stability. Using a vertical man lift helps minimise risks when working at significant heights.

The extensive range of mast lifts includes:

  • Star 6 Mast Lift
  • Mast Lift 1230es
  • Mast Lift GR20
  • Star 10
  • Vertical Push Around Lift

Each lift is designed for different applications and loads. The team at Duralift are qualified to advise on the best option for your needs.

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Here at duralift, we have an extensive range of push around and drivable light and heavyweight vertical lifts which are known for their ease of use and convenience.  Their compact design makes them ideal for use in restricted spaces with low floor loadings, particularly public buildings, offices, hotels and other indoor multi-level buildings.

Our range of EWP equipment is suited to almost all manufacturing and construction applications. If you need scissor lift hire or other important tools and accessories, including container ramps, hire from Duralift for straight-forward booking and quality equipment.

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For bookings and enquiries about hiring a vertical platform lift or any other equipment, call us on 1300 580 580 where one of our experienced staff members will happily answer any queries in regard to our vertical lifts. Vertical lifts are an economical, extremely versatile solution to all your indoor project needs. Optimise the productivity of your workplace with Duralift.

We’re happy to provide a free quote for all of your access equipment hire. Simply tell us more about your job and how long you need to rent for, and we’ll get back to you quickly.