3 tonne Telehandler


Max. capacity – 3000 kg
Max. lifting height – 9.64 m
Max. outreach – 7.15 m
Overall size – 2.26 m (width) x 2.30 m (height)
Standard forks (length x width x thickness) 1200 x 125 x 45 mm

View the Duralift 3 tonne Telehandler video here

3 tonne Telehandler (sometimes known as a telescopic forklift)

This 3 tonne Telehandler by Duralift has an enormous 3,000kg lift capacity, stabilisers to ensure stable lifting on uneven ground, huge 9.64m lift height, is fully rail spec’d and comes with added features such as reverse camera, squawker reverse alarm, fire extinguisher, radio and much more.


Maximum Capacity Limiter (MCL)
Lifting Jib (MCL enabled)
Reversing Camera
Emergency Stop buttons
UHF Radio
Fire Extinguisher
Battery isolator
Squawker reverse alarm
Park brake door alarm


A Telehandler, also known as a Telescopic Forklift, is a rough terrain variable reach forklift. Telehandlers are rugged machines with more power, reach and versatility than a forklift. The telescopic boom can place loads in front and at varying lift heights. A Telehandler will help you lift heavy loads such as structural steel beams or roofing components while giving horizontal reach at the same time. The Telehandlers stocked at Duralift are Manitou Telehandler branded new model machines.

Suitable for:

supporting heavy structural items while you perform tasks, such as assembling, at an elevated level with an EWP such as a Scissor Lift or Boom Lift. Ideal for construction sites and related industries, rail & road projects and major public events

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