Pallet Jack

2.5 Tonne Pallet Jack


2500KG pallet jack is specially designed to lift quickly and transport the widest variety of loads in stores, warehouses and construction sites.


Strong torsion-resistant steel construction

5 pumps to maximum height, once pallet is reached standard pumps apply

For use with standard size pallets.

Comes with standard 6204 bearings

Lead in/Lead-out rollers under the fork tips enabling pallets to be entered with ease.

No routine maintenance required on the hydraulic unit and bearings.

Seals made in Germany, which prolong the working time of the hydraulic unit.

Powder coated safety yellow for hi visibility and extra protection from wear and tear.

The option of nylon or polyurethane wheels.

Pressure relief valve/ overload valve so the unit can’t be overloaded for OH&S purposes.

Suitable for:

moving loads up to 2500 kg

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