2.5 Tonne Buggy Forklift


Lift Capacity: 2500kg
Lift Height: 3.7m
Fuel Type: Diesel
Mast Type: 3 Stage
Additional Info: Side Shift

Watch the Duralift 2.5 tonne Buggy Forklift video here

2.5 Tonne Buggy Forklift

A Forklift uses a pair of fork arms on an elevating carriage to lift loads along it’s mast. Buggy Forklifts (also known as Rough Terrain Forklifts or All Terrain Forklifts) are basically a diesel forklift that is four wheel drive with rough terrain tyres. This means that you have all the weight lifting capabilities of a standard forklift but with the ability to work on uneven or muddy ground. This Buggy Forklift has a lift capacity of 2,500kg and 3.7m lift height.

Suitable for:

supporting heavy structural items while you perform tasks, such as assembling, at an elevated level with an EWP. Can use on rough terrain.

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