Duct Lifts

  • Duct Lift

    Portable material lift for construction and industrial applications.
    2.18 Stowed Height
    5.1 – 7.32 Working Height (various sizes available)


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Duct Lift Hire in Melbourne

Are you looking to hire a high-quality duct lift? Perhaps you’re looking to increase workplace productivity? Designed for raising duct systems and other lightweight materials, duct lifts are a versatile, multi-purpose option for construction and industrial applications. Our inventory of duct lifts has the perfect means for installing and maintaining HVAC equipment.

Rent Duct Lifts with Duralift

Here at Duralift, we have an extensive range of portable, lifting equipment for hire. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the workplace is a safe environment where the occurrence of workplace injuries is diminished. As such, duct lifts are the optimal solution to workplace lifting needs as the requirement for dangerous manual heavy-lifting is reduced.

Whether you need to lift small pallets or heavy objects, a duct lift takes away that need for workers to manually lift weighty materials. Reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace and utilise a rented duct lift for warehouses, construction sites and utility facilities all across Melbourne. When you need to quickly transport different kinds of loads, our pallet jack selection is top-of-the-range.

Dura lift is the smarter option for those who want to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Irrespective of your workplace needs, the team here at Duralift continually strive for excellence. We’re more than just an equipment hire company – we ensure all OH&S compliance’s, full insurance coverage, and on-site maintenance is executed.

Contact Duralift for Bookings

For bookings and enquiries about our duct lift hire in Melbourne, call us on 1300 580 580 where one of our friendly staff members will happily answer any queries and concerns you may have. We work closely with businesses, so we will take the time to advise you on the best duct lift, forklift or any other access hire equipment you may need.