Jack Boom


16.80m Working Height
14.80m Platform Height
180cm wide
9.4m Horizontal reach
For outdoor use

Works on a massive incline!


View the Duralift Jack Boom video here


Jack Boom (also known as Zebra 16 Boom Lift)

This unique diesel articulating Boom Lift offers 16.8m working height and a 9.4 metre outreach. Unlike any other Boom Lift, it’s quick automatic self-levelling stabilisers let you securely work on slopes and inclines up to 12 degrees! It provides high ground clearance and greater movement on steep sites with a gradeability of 23 degrees. With power to platform this Jack Boom is the ultimate soldier for heavy-duty work!


Knuckle Boom Lifts

Knuckle Booms are a type of elevated work platform (EWP) that allow the operator to not only reach upwards but also above obstacles that would be difficult to reach with any other type of access equipment. This up-and-over approach would provide access at difficult angles such as reaching over awnings, protruding areas of buildings, sheds, walls or other obstacles. Alternatively they can also be used for direct reach where you need extra height.

Most Boom Lifts have weight limits around 230kg which would allow you to carry 2 people and equipment in the basket. In-basket controls give you full positioning control to exactly where it is needed.

They also have an onboard generators that provide 240V AC power to the platform for power tools and welders while working at height.

Hire Innovative EWP Equipment from Duralift

In 2017 Duralift was the first to bring you the Jack Boom for hire in Victoria. This innovative boom lift has stabilisers to allow greater work-ability on slopes.

Call us on 1300 580 580 to discuss the equipment most suited to your needs.

Suitable for:

Construction, maintenance, signage & installation work and other tasks where you need to reach up as well as over or alternatively for direct elevated access. The Jack Boom is ideal for working on inclines.

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