66ft Diesel Straight Boom Lift


22.32m Working Height
20.32m Platform Height
249cm wide
17.30 Horizontal reach
For outdoor use


View the 66ft Diesel Straight Boom Lift video here


66ft Diesel Straight Boom Lift (also known as a Telescopic Boom Lift)

This diesel 66ft Straight Boom Lift as a whopping 22.32m working height and 17.3m horizontal reach. It has 4 Wheel Hydrostatic Drive, 7.5kVA AC Generator including AC Outlets to Platform and much more.

Straight Boom Lifts

Straight boom lifts are commonly known as cherry pickers. This type of access equipment is designed to provide combined maximum height and maximum horizontal reach of the machine, offering the maximum boom length in high-reach situations.

Most Boom Lifts have weight limits around 230kg which would allow you to carry 2 people and equipment in the basket. In-basket controls give you full positioning control to exactly where it is needed.

They also have an onboard generators that provide 240V AC power to the platform for power tools and welders while working at height.

Suitable for:

Building construction, maintenance, warehousing and other tasks where maximum height and reach is required in elevated access

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