Accessories & Attachments

  • Lift Pod

    4.32 Working Height
    2.32 Platform Height
    Light weight and portable
    Self-assembled in only 30 seconds
    Safer than a ladder

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  • Scissor Lift Trailer

    Scissor Lift Trailer. Easy-tow option for pick-up of smaller units.



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  • Duct lift Plate Attachment


    These are our very own manufactured attachments to sit over the duct lift prongs in order to act as a lifting plate.

    Great for lifting battery lots, aircon ...

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  • Tyne Extensions

    Fork Slipper Tyne Extensions are devices that fit over a standard pair of fork tynes on a forklift truck, for the sole purpose of temporarily lengthening the fork tynes, for load stabilization only...

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  • 2.5 tonne Forklift Jib

    The Rigid Jib allows for additional lifting height with the extension beam raised above the fork pockets.

    Lengths available:

    2 metre reach when fully extended
    3.5 metre reach wh...

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  • Fork Rotator

    Lift Capacity: 2200kg (2.2 tonnes)
    Rotation: 360° in both directions

    Fork Rotator attachments (rotators) can be fitted to a standard forklift mast in place of  standard tynes....

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  • Container Ramp

    Container Ramp is designed for bridging into standard containers from ground level. The self-levelling lip allows for full load capacity when on slightly uneven ground. The ramp footing folds up to...

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  • Traffic Bollard

    Traffic Bollard with 8kg base


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  • Ladder

    10ft/3m A Frame Ladder

    Industrial Fibreglass

    3.0m height

    Weight 20.3 Kg

    180 Kg load rating


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