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Mindset Month

What is the most important part of any business? It is YOU! More specifically, it’s your mindset. Your own mindset is the best predictor of success.

Mindset is your own internal narrative that happens within your mind. The internal chatter within one’s own head that influences one’s decision-making can impact mindset. With this belief, we decided to have a “Mindset Month” at Duralift so that our team can help each other grow both as individuals and as a team.

Mindset Month at Duralift

This month is Mindset Month at Duralift. When we asked our team about their definition of mindset, they raised concepts that you would undoubtedly agree as beneficial.

  • Positive – Bring more positivity into your life by making a positive out of a negative. Take time to get to know your mind so you can be a more positive person.
  • Solutions – View problems with a solutions framework. This will help you resolve issues.
  • Supporting – Treat others the way you want to be treated. Look out for and help others if they are struggling. It’s not too weak to speak.
  • Organised – Structure your days so you are not always being reactive. Keep a clear head by keeping lists, calendars and other organisational tools.
  • Teamwork – Being mentally prepared to work within a team and being prepared to ‘give and take’ becomes paramount in working together. Communication is key.
  • Flexible – Always be prepared to listen to or give another option. Be open-minded. Learn something new every day to keep your mind active and continuously look to expand your knowledge. Have a work-life balance.

While a plethora of different mindsets can be derived, what is beneficial can be based on the individual. Talking about mindset on an individual level was helpful for our team to understand where each of us was coming from and what was of more importance.

Actively reframing situations objectively to reflect a belief in personal growth makes success more achievable. We believe that workplaces can also benefit from this can-do attitude.

Key types of Mindset

There are two key types of Mindset.

  1. Growth mindset: A belief that we can improve and grow over time.
  2. Fixed mindset: A belief that our abilities and talents are static and cannot be progressed. Having a fixed mindset can stunt your potential for success.

The solution is to view your abilities and talents as works in progress. So how do you go about it?

Manifesting a growth mindset

It is YOU who has the power of choice! It is YOU who can change your own thoughts and interpret them with a “growth mindset” lens.

Rather than viewing your setbacks with defeat and criticism, viewing the situation objectively helps you get more perspective and helps you then forge a strategic plan of action to realistically reach your goals. You then have the potential to put in the effort to expand your skills and abilities to reach your goal which you once thought unachievable.

According to Carol S. Dweck PhD, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology from Stanford University, putting in phrases like ‘not yet’ or ‘yet’ can boost motivation. Rather than saying “I can’t do this”, saying “I can’t do this – yet” changes one’s mindset to a growth mindset. This gives you the motivation to learn and realistically achieve your goal. (The Brainwaves Channel, 2015) (Stillman, 2015)

(Motivation Gigs, 2019)

Mindset is a choice. Do you agree? What processes do you use in setting a better work mindset?


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