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Goal Setting – Duralift

~ Written by Sharnie Chippindall

Not just some, but every person across the globe has been affected by the COVID19 crisis. Our 2020 goals, in any area across the business, have essentially been flipped upside down or even scrapped altogether. It doesn’t mean we can’t have goals, it just means we need to refocus, revisit what is driving us and keep going.

A huge shout out to the guys from The Game Plan Daily, @Stephen Claydon and @Darcy J Smyth for being absolute legends in the time of crisis giving myself along with a lot of others, a daily shot in the arm to get us up and motivated in every area of our lives. I have given my take on some tips and tricks Steve and Darcy have recently shared.

The very first daily boost quote – ‘Confidence isn’t the appropriate goal right now, courage is’. You could have every ounce of confidence there is right now, but without a greater urger of courage to keep enduring through every day, every challenge, every obstacle we are all facing, confidence is almost useless. We need the courage to reset our goals and keep achieving. For anyone reading this, put your arm up in the air. Look how high it is. Now, try get a little higher – that is where your goal should be. It is achievable. It is still set by you. It is somewhere you want to get.

I hope the guys don’t mind us sharing their practical task to help assist with goal setting.

– Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side of the page, write where you are now – this could be in business, physically, your home life whatever you want to include.

– On the right side, write where you want to be, or where you think you should be.

This gives you a map, of where you are, and where you want to be. It is now your task to figure out how to close the gap between the two sides.

– Include your actions
This will be the steps you will take to achieve your goal

– Timeframe
By what date or within what time period you want to be able to complete the actions mentioned above, therefore achieved your goal?

– Who is going to help you get there?
This is your support team. It might be your family, colleagues or even business partner. But you need someone to support you along the way.

– What you are going to focus on to get there?
This I guess this is a broader thought that aligns with your actions. For example, your goal might be to get 500 more followers on LinkedIn in 3 months. Your actions might be to post more content on social, therefore you are focusing on giving value and consequently, growing your following.

– The celebration! You need to celebrate! Don’t be afraid to celebrate your goal achievement with your support crew. Recognise that you have achieved your goal.

Have the courage to do the above. The current crisis isn’t going away very quickly. Adjust the goals you had, understand that whatever you are going through is normal. Refocus and keep going.

For more info reach out to The Game Plan Daily, @Stephen Claydon and @Darcy J Smyth

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