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Frequently Asked Questions


    • What licence do I need to operate an elevated work platform?

      For all Scissor lifts and Vertical lift (to any height) and Boom Lifts up to 11 metres, an EWPA Yellow Card* or competency-based training is required.

      For all Boom Lifts above a 11 metre platform height a Worksafe WP Licence TLILIC2005 is required.

      These are issued by trainers registered with the EWPAA (Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia.)

      Check out our EWP Licence Blog here


      NOTE: * The Yellow Card is not a legally essential licence. However, verbal instruction is not deemed an effective method of training as it lacks written proof of competency evidence. Therefore, having this licence is a legal safeguard and is often requested by construction sites and the like.

    • What licence do I need to operate a Telehandler?

      For non-slewing Telehandlers at 3 tonnes or less lift capacity, an EWPA Gold Card* or competency-based training is required.

      For non-slewing Telehandlers above 3 tonnes, a Worksafe CN Licence TLILIC3006 is required.

      These are issued by trainers registered with the EWPAA (Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia.)

      There are different licences required for different configurations, so please check out our Telehandler Licence Blog here

    • What licence do I need to operate a Forklift?

      For all types of Forklifts (except Order Picker Forklifts) with no weight or load restrictions, a Worksafe LF Licence – TLILIC2001 is required.

      For Order Picking Forklifts Only (Recommended to obtain LF Licence first), a Worksafe LO Licence – TLILIC2002 is required.

      These are issued by registered trainers.

      Check out our Forklift Licence Blog here

    • Can Duralift assist me to obtain a licence?

      Yes. Duralift partners with Registered Training Organisations who are authorised to train & assess these programs. Book your course via Duralift at a time of your choice at affordable prices!

      Book your EWP Licence Training here!

      Book your Telehandler Licence Training here!

      Book your Forklift Licence Training here!


    • Can I have my own machine/s serviced by Duralift?

      Yes. We are more than happy to organise this for you with one of our preferred service technicians.


    • Does Duralift have information on floor load ratings?

      Yes. Please talk to us about your requirements and we will be happy to assist.

    • Can I operate a unit on a mezzanine floor?

      We would need to assess each situation and give a recommendation.

      More general information can be found here…
      Scissor lift weight – Your guide to working on sensitive floors


    • Can I legally work on a machine if it is parked on a public road?

      Yes. You will need to consult the Council to ask if they have any special requirements.

    • Do I need a traffic management plan if I am working on a public road?

      In all cases, Yes. The Council will advise on each particular situation.


    • What are the rules for working near power lines?

      This is covered when you study for a licence. You may need to consult the power company that owns the lines as they can organise them to be covered or deactivated.
      General information is also located on the manufacturer stickers located on the machine as a reminder of required clearance zones.

      Check out our Blog on Working At Height Near Powerlines here!


    • Can an electric scissor lift operate on uneven ground?

      Yes. Generally 5 degrees (8.8%)

      Rough terrain diesel scissor lifts and scissor lifts and boom lifts on tracks can usually operate on steeper angles such as car park ramps. Please contact us for more information.


    • What angle can I operate a boom lift on before it wont function?

      Generally 5 degrees (8.8%). Any boom lift with stabilising outriggers and boom lifts on tracks will be able to operate on a greater angle. Ask us for more details.


    • What are the new rules on weight sensing on boom lifts and scissor lifts?

      All new boom lifts sold in Australia now have weight sensing devices installed to avoid overload.


    • Are there curfews on times that I can operate a machine?

      Yes. Some councils specify times such as 11pm to 7am that a machine is not to be unloaded or used near residential areas. Check with the specific council.


    • Do I have to wear a safety harness in a scissor lift?

      No. It is not legally required. A safety harness must be worn in a boom lift

    • Can I climb out of a boom lift or scissor lift on to a roof or other structure?



    • What is a damage waiver fee and do I have to pay it?

      Damage waiver is a small fee that covers any small repairs that need to be made to the unit upon completion of the job. If you have insurance coverage for hired in equipment, you are exempt from paying a waiver fee.

    • Is there an extra fee for after hours delivery?

      Yes, please ask us to make sure.


    • Can Duralift provide an operator if I don't have a licence?

      Yes. Please talk to us about your requirements and we will be happy to assist.

The information above contains general information and is to be used as a guide only.

Whilst we try to ensure that all the information contained in it is complete and up to date, we make no warranties as to the accuracy of such or any other aspect of the information, and accept no responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of your reliance on any part of it.