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Flat Surface and Rough Terrain Scissor lifts such as Athena, Genie Lifts and JLG Lifts

Flat Surface Vs Rough Terrain

If you have ever looked into hiring an Elevated Work Platform you may have been asked what surface area you will be working on, a flat surface or rough terrain. Why is this?

There are many types of Elevated Work Platforms that operate in different ways to optimise the use of the machine so that you can work more efficiently in whatever situation.

There are two main types of machines that suit;
1. Flat surfaces

2. Rough terrains


Flat surfaces

So, if you work in mostly indoor areas such as commercial buildings, institutions, educational or religious buildings etc., or outdoor concreted surfaces, then you can use an electric regular elevated work platform. These machines have the smaller non-marking tyres and less ground.

Wheels - Flat Surface Vs Rough Terrain

The wheels of an Electric Scissor Lift

They are usually electric driven, which means that there are no emissions when working indoors.

Usually these machines can go on inclines of 2 or 3 degrees, which means they may struggle in areas such as car park ramps, even though these are concreted flat surfaces.


Rough terrain

On the other hand, rough terrain machines can, as it’s name suggest, go on rough ground.

These machines have tracks or off road profile tyres and greater ground clearance. Some machines, like the Athena, can retract it’s tracks into ‘narrow mode’ elevating the base even higher, meaning that the machine can go across rough ground such as construction sites where there may be rubble and bricks on the ground.

Tracks 1 - Flat Surface Vs Rough Terrain

Athena Scissor Lift Tracks in Narrow and Wide Modes

Outriggers - Flat Surface Vs Rough Terrain

Outriggers of a Genie Scissor Lift


Being a machine that is optimal for outdoors, they are mostly diesel operated so that you don’t need a power point to charge it.

Many Rough terrain machines have outriggers so they can work on inclines up to 12 degrees or so. Some machines may have a bi-levelling function, which makes the base of the machine self-level so that the platform will remains horizontal while working at height.

Duralift has many Flat Surface and Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts available for Hire.

If you are unsure about what machine you may need, don’t worry, the friendly team at Duralift will help you choose the best machine for your next job.


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