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E-Drive Scissor Lifts increasing your run time

Genie’s state-of-the art E-Drive Scissor Lifts are designed to stand up to tough job conditions at your work site. It also provides improved transportability comparative to older models in it’s class.

The E-Drive Scissor Lift holds an optimised, efficient AC electric drive system. This machine has industry-leading runtime for improved productivity and all-day long performance. As well as quiet, emission-free operation now being a given standard among electric scissor lifts.



Hydraulic Drive

DC Drive

AC* Drive

Runtime per charge

Battery life




Power, torque, traction

Reliable loading and climbing



Regenerative braking & speed control

Energy saving




Fully sealed IP65 drive motors

Debris and power-spray proof



Brushless drive motors

Maintenance free



Zero leakage drive motors

Clean operation




Increase in run time and efficiency by 30%

30% increase in runtime and efficiency is driven by AC drive efficiency and the right sized batteries, a 14° break over angle crests and a 25% slope without bottoming out.

Data released by the manufacturer, Genie, reveal that the run time per charge of an AC Drive scissor is 3 times better than a hydraulic drive machine or 1.5 times better than DC Drive machines.

Regenerative braking & speed control which lead to better energy saving is also twice as superior to it’s DC Drive cousins.

These machines also deliver on superior Power, torque, traction which lead to more reliable loading and climbing.

70% fewer hoses and fittings

The E-Drive Scissor Lift is designed with less hydraulic hoses to reduce the likelihood of oil leaks at your job site. They also hold the right-sized hydraulic system delivering 4 times more drive efficiency.

Improved Transportation

Transportability is improved with simplified load and unload operations. These machines have rear and side forklift pockets for pick and place flexibility driving further operational efficiencies.

What does this mean for you?

From a usage point of view the E-Drive is basically a better improved version of a standard scissor lift, giving you that little edge at your job site.


Duralift has a series of new E-Drive scissor lifts ready for your next job. Please call us for more info on the E-Drive scissor lifts and how they could benefit your next project on 1300 580 580.

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