Cost vs Quality in Construction

Last week I was reminded of something I’ve seen over and over through my years in business. Cost is important, but so is quality. We also need to consider the person we are dealing with before making a decision; not necessarily the company they work for or the price we are prepared to pay. So how do we decide between three such important elements of a decision?

We had a particularly tough decision to make recently in regards to rental software. This area is a matter of gray hair and the wisdom of experience. Anyone can follow the book, but the company who shows they really care, putting themselves in our shoes and looking for real business solutions–not just software solutions–got to the top of our list.

Beyond business and the construction industry, there is a store I frequent personally primarily because the managers and/or staff always speak to every customer walking through the door. To be honest, I don’t mind paying that little bit extra to get looked after properly. It’s the small courtesies that make them seem, to care.

Conversely, I can name another dozen examples of good companies that have hired poor customer service or sales staff that have let us down and we don’t deal with them anymore. I can also think of other companies that might not seem quite as stellar, but their people take them to another level. For better or for worse, it’s often the person you are dealing with who makes a difference and earns real respect and returned business. But the companies that hire these people are looking to portray quality care, not the cheapest cost.

All too often business people opt for the ‘cheapest’ or low cost services just to save some money in the short run. But they have paid, or will pay, the heavy price of their wrong choices in opting for price over quality. One thing needs to be clearly understood. Only quality work, from quality staff can bring the results; and although quality comes at a cost it will pay off in the long run.

We have a list of satisfied and happy customers from the last 6 years of trading at Duralift . We create TRUST among our clients. We give them HONEST advice. Our dealings are completely TRANSPARENT. And we deliver RESULTS and projects ON TIME.

Duralift – Reaching Higher Expectations.

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