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Business Tips

Goal Setting

~ Written by Sharnie Chippindall Not just some, but every person across the globe has been affected by the COVID19 crisis. Our 2020 goals, in any area across the business, have essentially been flipped upside down or even scrapped altogether.

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financial year

Preparing For The Financial Year End

Effective planning and preparation is critical for all taxpayers as the end of financial year approaches. This is the perfect time of the year to seek advice from your accountant to maximise your tax savings for 2018-19 and start planning …

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Time is Money

How precious is time to you? Begin the project and then complete it with your best foot forward.   Time wasted = Money wasted   Think about your hire process. Are you able to calculate what you are spending for every …

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Harvey Norman Vs The Good Guys

YES! Customer Service Still Beats Price

After a recent experience at two competing retail stores giving me such a vastly different experience to the point of never wanting to return to one store, I feel compelled to share the experience and show how much customer service …

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Duralift Construction worker

How Branded Construction Workwear Can Help your Business

There’s a certain image that people associate with a “construction worker.” Think hard hat, steel-capped boots, tools and protective gear. However, that “brand” places your employees in a pool of over 1.1 million individuals working in construction in Australia. This provides …

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Scissor lifts Vs Ladders

Even though we are biased, and feel that access equipment such as scissor lifts and boom lifts are usually the safest and most productive method of working at height, we will admit that sometimes a ladder may be appropriate. http://www.vertikal.net/en/news/story/26154/ …

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buying vs hiring

Why Hiring is Cost Effective

People sometimes assume that when it comes to access equipment, their best option is to buy the machines outright even though it might be easier to hire them. The choice of whether to hire, hire-to-buy or buy depends on the individual project needs and circumstances, but it’s …

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AWP vs MEWP vs EWP – What Does it All Mean?

You may have heard of various names for access equipment, be it elevated work platforms, mobile elevating work platforms, ariel work platforms or even a hydraulic-powered lift. Confusing right? Why can’t they just have one simple name? Well, the answer for …

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14 Inbound Marketing Tips for Construction Companies

So What is Inbound Marketing? HubSpot’s definition is: “Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be. By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, you …

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How to De-stress at Work

Workplace stress is on the rise, impacting a growing number of people at all stages of their working lives. Although it’s natural for work to leave you a little stressed, if you’re a frazzled mess from nine to five, it’s …

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6 steps to avoiding the cashflow gap

Construction can be a hard game when it comes to cash flow and being paid on time and in full. Cash flow is important for the survival of your business and to ensure you win new projects, have the ability to buy …

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Time is always moving forward

  How often do you consider the fact that time is always moving forward? As I was going through my inbox this morning and trudging through the usual morning routine of sorting, filing and prioritizing I realised how easily it is …

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Construction Success

5 Success Factors for Construction Firms

Since the economy’s slow improvement, the construction industry has seen growth as well. The issue, however, is the growth is mixed. Some companies are benefiting from the economic environment, while others are still being trampled by the lasting effects of …

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Productivity Tips

10 Daily Habits to Increase Your Productivity

 A typical chaotic day may have you ping-ponging from meeting to meeting, from your phone to your computer and back again, leaving you feeling like you accomplished very little. How to manage? It’s all in the routine. For Benjamin Spall, …

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sales success

Achieving Sales Success

While there is no formula that guarantees sales success, repeating these solid strategies will yield consistent results. Selling construction services can be simple: Develop a winning selling system that beats your competition on a regular basis. In order to build …

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Successful Business Checklist

Successful Business Checklist

Which category does your business fall into based on these checklists? Most construction business owners have the same goal. They all want to grow, earn high profit margins, retain great customers, be organized and in control, have a responsible management …

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Steps to win high margin work

4 Steps to win more high-margin work

Most contractors think that their reputations for quality work and exceptional service should lead to many referrals and plenty of work. Many don’t have a budget for marketing or sales, while others don’t consider customer relationships important enough to develop a …

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win more work

How to estimate fewer jobs and win more work

Providing free construction estimates is a good marketing and sales tool that seems to attract a lot of potential contracts. But providing free conceptual estimates for almost anyone and any type of project is not a good use of time …

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Quality - Duralift

Cost vs Quality in Construction

Last week I was reminded of something I’ve seen over and over through my years in business. Cost is important, but so is quality. We also need to consider the person we are dealing with before making a decision; not necessarily the company they work …

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Should I Hire or Buy Construction Equipment?

In the world of construction, a man is only as good as his tools and the various types of construction equipment are the most important tools on the job-site. Forklifts, diggers, bulldozers, boom lifts, scissor lifts, and even attachments like digger buckets …

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Great Service is a choice

How do you choose to serve your customers? At Duralift we serve like eagles….let me explain that to you: Great Service is a Choice from The Simple Truths of Service by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz No one can make …

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