How Branded Construction Workwear Can Help your Business – Duralift

There’s a certain image that people associate with a “construction worker.”

Think hard hat, steel-capped boots, tools and protective gear. However, that “brand” places your employees in a pool of over 1.1 million individuals working in construction in Australia.

This provides a unique challenge, as well as a unique opportunity—setting your firm and its employees apart from the others. There are many ways to do that, but one of the most affordable, and simpler ways of setting your brand apart is to make an improvement to something your employees already need: Uniforms and Protective Apparel.

Three Reasons Branded Uniforms and Apparel Set Your Company Apart

Customising and branding workwear not only sets your firm apart from others, it can improve responsibility, customer service, and provide a sense of ownership throughout the firm—from CEO to foreman to labourer.

1: Reinforce and Humanise Company Branding

It’s likely that before and during the project, you’ll hang up a big sign on the fence surrounding the worksite to tell the world that you are the company who is in charge of the project—commercial or residential, industrial or infrastructure—right next to the notice/caution/warning/danger signs and the sign saying “new home of [client] coming soon.”

These signs turn heads, catching the eyes of passers-by who are excited to see the work that you are doing. However, it’s no different than the signs for the project down the street, and is unlikely going to set you apart from the 15 other firms bidding on a project.

To set yourself apart, you need to reinforce your brand’s name, culture, and vision in everything you do. While things like a sign on a site or a pen at a trade show offer you one-off touchpoints, branded apparel will reinforce your company’s name and values every hour of every day that it’s worn. Putting a face to a brand will humanise your company, encourage company pride, and ultimately promote higher quality work and customer focus.

2: A Sense of Pride and Responsibility Throughout Your Organisation

Are you proud of your work? Are you proud of the people that do the work? If you answered no to either of these two questions, branded workwear might not be for you. In fact, if you’re not proud of your product or people, you might want to get out of the construction business.


When company brass decides to outfit employees in branded workwear, they are making one thing certain: They trust the people who will be on the site, and by doing so are putting confidence in the people and processes in place. Could you imagine a company with a lax safety record, abrasive workers, or a history of mediocrity putting their logo on its employees?

By choosing branded workwear, company ownership is communicating confidence in past, present, and future work.


This trickles down throughout the organisation to the individual, the person with whom company brass has put so much trust. Branded workwear is a vote of confidence in the individual that he or she will represent your brand in a positive manner both on and off the job. Add on top of this something like a name emblem, and your employees will not only be representing their brand but putting their own name on every interaction.

3: Improves Quality of Work and Customer Service

By reinforcing a sense of pride in your brand, it’s likely that the face of your brand will reciprocate—demonstrating high-quality work and putting their own name on the line.


If you are proud of your work and the people who do it, flaunt it. If you are interested in reinforcing your brand, instilling a sense of pride throughout your organisation, and improving the overall quality of your work, branded uniforms are a simple yet powerful tool to make it happen.



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