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Advantages of long term rental

So you’ve finally won that large project that you’ve been hoping for and now you need to organise the long term rental of access machinery, or perhaps you have ongoing daily work and are interested in cutting the cost of your overheads on the maintenance of your existing machinery (such as Forklifts for daily Warehouse use). If so, there are many advantages in long term rental which would greatly benefit your circumstances.

Duralift classifies a long term rental as a rental with a 6 month minimum hire duration.

What to consider when purchasing access equipment

If you are looking at purchasing an access machine, such as a scissor lift, you should consider the initial capital outlay as well as ongoing maintenance and compulsory compliance checks that are legally required to use the machine.

Another consideration when you own a machine is the downtime you will have when a machine needs to be repaired and the cost of a replacement machine for the project.
Why not invest your time and money in the core areas of your business and get a long term rental from Duralift?

Long term rental? What are the advantages?

Expenses you can save on through a long term rental includes;

– The initial capital outlay required to purchase a machine
– Ongoing repairs and maintenance
– Programmed maintenance at regular intervals that do not exceed 90 days, required for access equipment by law
– Major inspections for equipment that reaches 10 years and every 5 years thereafter, required for access equipment by law

Other benefits of a long term rental may include;

– The ability to write off the costs for renting
– Not having downtime on the job with a replacement machine provided if a machine cannot be repaired onsite
– Pay only for what you use with machine stand downs on days you don’t use the machine or when bad weather is expected
– Not having to store a machine when not in use
– Not having to spend time coordinating transport of the machine

Duralift has got you covered!

Long term rentals from Duralift covers all ongoing regulatory maintenance, compliance checks and repairs, with replacement machines provided in the unlikely event of a breakdown. Duralift can also offer you better rates on rentals exceeding a six month duration.

Duralift is your long term rental partner for access hire.


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