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6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Scissor Lift

So, what should you know before you hire a scissor lift?

Or maybe you are thinking of using a ladder instead? Well, read on to find out the inside details…

Scissor lifts can be hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic – depending on their intended use, and easily can raise a construction or maintenance worker, plus all of his tools, to the desired height.  When working on the outside or inside of a building, we often use ladders and platforms to reach the top of the walls and ceilings but have you ever considered, however the level of risk associated with working off a ladder as well as the expenditure associated with the project taking longer?

Scissor lifts can save your life, save time and save money.

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1. The platforms are relatively large. Scissor lifts have considerably larger platforms than ladders, which means that they can accommodate a number of workers and all of their equipment with ease. Workers also will be able to save time by reaching a wider expanse of wall or ceiling without having to re-position the unit, which is a real problem with ladders. But make sure you measure out the area you are working in before you hire so you get the right unit that fits the job area.

2. The platforms are strong and versatile. Scissor lift platforms can hold the weight of two to four men and their tools, and reach from anywhere between 2 to 18 meters high. The lifts can also can be paused at different heights as required, allowing workers to make their way up or down the wall. Check the lift capacity before you hire – you may need 2 machines to complete the job if you have more workers and tools than one machine can carry.

3. Four-wheel drive is a bonus for outdoor use. It is possible to hire four-wheel drive scissor lifts, which are able to navigate the terrain outside buildings with ease. This will ensure that the machine is up to the task of driving on bitumen, gravel, grass and even mud – wherever you need it to go. A new release of scissor lift has also enabled workers to work on multi-level surfaces for the first time in Australia! These models are generally diesel- or gas-powered to ensure maximum power

4. Electric power is an option for indoor use. When the job is indoors, you should opt for scissor lift with an electric battery. This will ensure that no harmful fumes are released inside. There is also the option of using a scissor lift with a narrower platform if working in a tight space. Scissor lifts manufactured for indoor use also are equipped with non-marking tyres to prevent floor damage.

5. Scissor lifts are safer than ladders. These platforms feature safety apparatus that are designed to protect workers against falling and other accidents. There is a railing around the whole platform with a gated area where workers mount and dismount the lift. In most cases, workers also are required to wear a safety harness that can be clipped to the railing. The cost of work related injury is worth considering.

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6. Scissor lifts are free-standing. A scissor lift is completely free standing, providing the ability to reach a larger area. When using a ladder, on the other hand, especially when trying to reach a high place, it often is resting against the wall, which can restrict your movement.

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7 thoughts on “6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Scissor Lift

  1. Thank you for the tips. I am getting ready to hire a scissor lift for the first time. I had no idea that some have four wheel drive capability. It seems like they usually have such a low suspension that this feature could not be maximized. Are they built in a different way for four wheel drive?

  2. I had no idea that four-wheel drive scissor lifts were even an option. I think that is a great idea! Especially if you’ll be working on uneven ground. I also thought it was really interesting reading how they are safer than ladders. That is really good to know. Thank you for sharing this information. It was all really helpful.

  3. It was nice how you explained, “Scissor lifts can be hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic, depending on their intended use, and easily can raise a construction or maintenance worker, plus all of his tools, to the desired height.” I don’t work in construction or anything but we are thinking of starting a project on our home that would require a lot of work on the side of our house near the roof, would you suggest to hire one of these? I have never used one before or even thought of using one until recently. Are they easy to learn how to use? It is nice to know that they are safer than ladders, that makes me feel good about this decision. Thanks for your help!

  4. I had never thought about the benefits of a lift like this as opposed to a ladder. It totally makes sense that a ladder would restrict your ability to move around, while a lift wouldn’t. I’m needing something like this for a project that I’ve got coming up and I might look into getting some sort of hydraulic lift like this. Thanks for sharing! http://www.hydraulinkcanberra.com.au/lifting

  5. You make a good point that the platforms are strong and versatile. If there’s any benefit to having multiple people working up high a scissor lift is probably the right choice since they’re strong enough to handle the weight. Just make sure you don’t overencumber it either though.

  6. I am looking to find more information about scissor lifts. It is good to know that four-wheel drive is a good option to have for outdoor use. This would help this piece of machinery cover terrain with ease. Something to consider would be to practice all necessary safety precautions when operating a scissor lift to increase safety.

  7. Thank you for sharing the useful information that one needs to know before hiring scissor lift. You covered all the aspects of Scissor lift and the comparison made between scissor lift and ladder shows the benefits of scissor lift which cannot be overlooked.

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