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6 Quick Tips: How To Use A Scissor Lift Safely

Here are six easy Tips from Duralift on how to use a Scissor Lift safely on your next Elevated Work Platform Hire at your work site.

Instructions may differ slightly for each machine brand. Instructions below suited to a Haulotte 19ft scissor lift.

1.Check machine for visual damage by a walkaround

2.Turn key switch to platform
scissor lift


3.Enter scissor platform
4.Pull up emergency stop on control box, and wait for system to be ready. (beeps, lights etc depending on model)

scissor lift control box

5.Select drive function on control panel, (if required, model dependant) or pull joystick dead man switch in, and drive.

scissor lift control box

6.When in position to lift, select lift function on control panel. Using joystick, pull dead man switch in and activate joystick to lift. (joystick direction for lift is different on all models)

scissor lift joy stick










For more information on how to use a Scissor Lift safely, contact Duralift on 1300 580 580.


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