5 most popular machines for installing industrial shelving, storage & pallet racking

Covid has proven to be a game changer for the industrial and warehouse storage and racking industry. As more and more Australian businesses move to an online retail platform for product sales, there is a greater need for inventory storage and warehousing solutions. One of the biggest global online retailers Amazon has just reached $1.2 billion in it’s Australian sales and the building of more fulfilment centres yet to be completed.

Increasing the cubic capacity of your storage most likely involves maximising the vertical space available within the building for greater storage capacity and more efficient use. As an equipment hire supplier, Duralift had noticed a greater demand for certain equipment to facilitate the building of such complexes.

Some of the most sought-after machines are listed below…


1.  Gas Forklifts

A trusty standard Forklift is a great tool for securely lifting heavy industrial shelving and pallet racking up for assembly.
Duralift has a range of different lift capacity and lift height forklifts to help make light work of your lifting needs.

2.  19ft Scissor Lift

5.79m Platform Height
One of our most popular machines in access, the 19ft Electric Scissor Lift also has a compact width. This scissor lift has an extendable deck along with other brand/model specific attributes that make it ideal for Pallet Racking.

3 & 4.  26ft / 32ft Scissor Lift

7.9m Platform Height / 9.68m Platform Height
When higher vertical lifting is required the 26ft or 32 ft scissor lifts are popular industry options. Some models can lift up to 450kg which is a great asset if more than one person and tools are required on the machine.

5.  26ft Bi-Energy Scissor lift

7.9m Platform Height
This machine can be a game changer in storage. Apart from the wide platform and extendable deck, the lift capacity of this machine is 680kg which will hold multiple installers and tools. The unique features include the ability to work where there is no connected power with it’s bi-energy option.

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