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4 Troubleshooting Tips for Electric Scissor Lifts

Duralift has put together a quick video on 4 Troubleshooting Tips for Electric Scissor Lifts.

When you receive your hired Electric Scissor Lift on site, you may occasionally have trouble getting your machine started. Very often it could be some thing as simple as having the key in the correct position, so we have put a quick video for your reference covering…

1. How to check and charge the battery
2. How to check that the key is in the right position
3. How to check for fault codes
4. How to check if the cord to the control box is loose

If you are still having trouble after these basic checks, call us on 1300 580 580. If we can’t help you get the machine going over the phone, we will either fix or swap the machine.

4 Troubleshooting Tips for Electric Scissor Lifts

presented by Garth Chippindall


If you are having trouble getting your machine up and running out on site, there is a couple of things you could quickly run through to check, to make sure it is setup correctly.

One of the first things you could check is the battery charge indicator lights, usually up in the control box there. That will show you how much battery charge you’ve got just to make sure it hasn’t run flat. If the indicator is indicating the machine is low, just charge the machine via the socket on the side. That will get you up and going again.

The other thing to check is to make sure your key is switched correctly to basket. That is down in the control box normally. See the key, just make sure that is in the correct position.

In the event that you are still in trouble and can’t get it going, just open the side and check if there is a fault code showing in the LCD screen down on the side.

Another thing to check if you are having trouble, is to just check the cord to the control box. Make sure there is no damage (visible), make sure it is correctly inserted into the control box and done up tight.

Still having trouble and can’t seem to get the machine operating, just call Duralift on 1300 580 580 and we’ll get you going as soon as possible.

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